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Improved LO/FO Separator Cleaning by proper Water Treatment for the related operation water.




The Polar PDF 21 will improve the operational water going to
the separators and resulting in:

  • Improved separator cleaning

  • Less lime deposits and scale in the separator

  • Removal of rust and particles from the water




The Polar PDF 21 Unit treats all the water used in the ejection and cleaning process in a separator, giving a more efficient cleaning. This is achieved by reducing the surface tension of the water. Higher surface tension of the water reduces it’s capability to “pick up” dirt and particles. Consequently, a reduction of the surface tension increases the water’s “cleaning power”.


The key component in the Polar System is a very strong induction unit. The pictured standard parallel twin installation reduces the water’s surface tension by approx 25%. The water’s capability to remove dirt and deposits from the separator bowl is increased considerably.


The Polar System also protects the separator from lime deposits and scale. Lime dissolved in the water will precipitate and form a fine powder suspended in the water. This powder is ejected out of the separator together with the operational water. Hence, lime and scale deposits in the separator is limited to an absolute minimum.


In addition, a filter cartridge, with a mesh size of 50 µm, will remove incoming dirt from the water supply. Longer cartridge life is secured by our integrated Polar magnetic pre-filtration.


The Polar PDF 21 requires a minimum of maintenance. Filter cartridges has to be changed according to quality of technical water on board.


PDF 21 Technical Specification:      Capacity                               20 l/min vs. 0.6 Bar (40l/min, 2 paralell)
(Single unit, or 2 in Paralell)            Feed water                          0 – 45 o C
                                                              Working pressure               10 bar

                                                              Thread connection             ¾ inch (female BSP)

                                                              Weight                                  1.97 kgs



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