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PWT - Hydrophore Water Treatment

  • Stops rusty fresh water and avoids piping replacement.
  • Pipe cleaning without downtime.


               STOP RED WATER                         STOP CORROSION                               STOP PITTINGS    




  • Rusty water becomes clear within approx. 2-14 days.
  • Removes rust and scale from piping
  • Stops and seals off pittings on 304/316**
  • Stops Lead-leaching from cupper piping solider joints.

** Will plug pitting of pin-hole size.


This water is known to generate heavy pittings on 304/316 as well as massive corrosion on all vessels carbon steel piping and hull penetrations. We provide customized solutions from simple “Damage-control” to full protection.

This water is known to generate various problems depending the (actual / random) port that supplies water: Red water corrosion, pittings and Scaling. We deliver customized solutions for full protection.

We deliver customized solutions for full protection.

Retrofit & Newbuildings
Most hydrophore systems will over time develop scale and corrosion problems. This will cause unpleasant drinking water, pressure drop, problems with valves and pipes – galley equipment, water heaters etc. To avoid full replacement of the entire hydrophore system this damaging process must be stopped.

The Polar Technology
Polar PWT package will solve these problems, within approx 2-14 days the water will become clear. Polar Hydrophore Water Treatment is installed in the fresh water system on board.

The Polar Package
The standard package is delivered complete with Polar rust and scale dissolving filters and a fully automatic mineralization dosing station, (forced hardening), suitable for your particular piping system.
The standard package also includes potable freshwater stabilizer (4x25L drums) which covers approximately 4000 tons of consumption water. Polar delivers to all type of vessels and to the Offshore / Oil industry. Every installation will be made according to ship / rigs equipment and piping.

  • Stops rusty freshwater                              
  • Removes rust and scale from the piping     
  • Protects equipment from further corrosion    
  • Leaves a protective coating                    
  • Easy to install by ships own crew           
  • Potable fresh water stabiliser                   
  • Cost efficient