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Polar International AS


World leading manufacturer since 1938.


The company
Polar International AS is a Norwegian-owned company. Established in 1938 and a world market leader for the last 70 years as a manufacturer of advanced water treatment equipment and systems for marine and industrial applications, institutions and private homes. Our solutions protect equipment, end user and the environment at the same time.

Ready, and able to help with protective equipment and guidance on how to avoid costly water related problems.

Polar International is represented in 12 countries around the world
Polar sails the seven seas and has been installed in more than 3000 ships owned by over 600 shipping companies. Polar sails the oceans of the world. On board every type of ship, from gigantic supertankers and luxury liners to small fishing vessels. 

We are at your service
Full protection of piping, equipment and end user. Our core protective installations serves Consumption Water, Chilled Water, Heated Water, and Cooling Towers in the automotive, food/beverage and waterworks, industry and ships around the world.
In brief, Polar Water Treatment is used by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Making Polar International the world’s leading manufacturer of water treatment that protects both equipment and environment at the same time.